Aligning Sales Around Founder Vision

👺 Spotting a weak founder

  • They struggle to evolve from founder-led sales.
  • They complain that “if they can do it, why can’t you?”
  • They readily discount the value of their privileged knowledge in the sales process
  • They set unrealistic targets and are unapologetic about it, even after the fact
  • They readily discount the power of their title in a sales discussion
  • They frequently downplay the value of sales
  • They “penny pinch” when it comes to commission payouts

😇 Spotting a strong founder:

  • They keep their teams regularly updated on how their vision has evolved.
  • They offer to be on sales calls.
  • They are very public in their praise, even of minor victories.
  • They declare the workings behind how they reached the team targets agreed with the board.
  • They pay out on bluebird deals, without hesitation!
  • They build instant trust in their sales org,
  • It’s super obvious they have your back.



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