If you’re a founder that was recently funded there’s a high chance you promised you’d 3x your ARR in the next 12 months.

You did that under pressure to get the valuation you wanted in order to minimize dilution.

And 3x at series A is just what VCs expect nowadays…

Fitchburg cross-compound horizontal engine — New Catechism of the Steam Engine (1904) — Wikimedia Commons

It only took the best part of 2 decades, but flywheels are finally ready to replace funnels as best practice in SaaS, Cloud and Marketplace go-to-market teams!

The former marriage of convenience between marketing and sales teams has finally flourished into a loving relationship that, when factored optimally, becomes the…

It’s the task of every founder to share an inspirational vision of the future on a very high frequency.

In early-stage start-ups, often it’s this vision of the future that inspires new employees to join them on their journey rather than take the easier better-paid job in the office a…

Wayne Morris

4x Sales Leader, 3x Exits, 2x CRO, GTM Expert & Strategic Advisor to tech companies around the world

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